Geometry of Constructed Cover


76 thoughts on “Geometry of Constructed Cover

  1. Very nice… appreciate your seeing beauty in the simplest of the things around. Congrats on being FP.

  2. This proves that I can’t take photos. I’ve always suspected the truth, but when you can make photos of bricks and asphalt look cool, I realize just how pathetic my photos have been. Congrats on your selection in freshly pressed!

  3. Nice job, love how you made colour and geometry become so strong!
    I would be pleased to show you some of my pictures if you’re interested, and maybe have your opinion about it. πŸ™‚
    My (newborn) blog is, hope you like!

  4. Mondrian – Eat your heart out! Beautiful in its splendid simplicity – juxtaposition and questioning! Awaken our senses! Continue with this! As myAmerican brothers and sisters would say… Awesome!

  5. I really like your photography. I started thinking that for us who live in the city, we better make the best of it, and try and find what is beautiful about man made design, because we are suurounded by it. So your photography really shows great graphics, great design, Thanks for posting.

  6. Beautiful, thank you, and you do have a really good eye and a real feel for composition. I love minimalist art from the the 60s and 70s, but I often I think the greatest achievement of those artist was to make us look anew at the basic shapes of geometry and also the everyday materials of construction. Oh yes, and congratulations on making Freshly Pressed, richly deserved. Keep up the great work. I shall be following!

  7. pretty rare actually..
    only lil people can find such beautiful textures on the road…
    They are just beautiful. πŸ˜€

  8. Your photos are just amazing. It’s interesting how objects we may have taken for granted could be expressed so beautifully… like the photo of the raindrops on the glass

  9. Very nice work, textures are perfect and the compositions are executed nicely :). I was curious if you arranged these yourself (primarily the ones with leaves), or were these kind of “found” shapes? Anyway, congrats on your fresh pressed. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks! The Freshly Pressed has been amazingly overwhelming. I didn’t arrange these shots… just lucky enough to find them. I have more that I plan on posting soon.

      • Cool, again, they came out great. Your post processing is right on. It’s something I’m working on for my own work, so it’s nice to see these shots with such crisp color and contrast

  10. OOh… I LOVE these! I’ve been capturing shadows, light, and pattern on the ground lately too. Gorgeous compositions, texture, light. Thanks for posting!

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