Degrees of Perception

“There is no truth. There is only perception.” – Gustave Flaubert



8 thoughts on “Degrees of Perception

  1. Great pictures, wonderful stuff, although oddly I found myself slight dizzy. Even caught myself craning my neck, to turn the image back around 180. Until, and all except.. the sky and clouds picture. What does this exception signify?

    • I noticed the same thing when I was processing them. I think it looks like it was taken from a plane, which is why our minds “accept” it.

      • Yes, of course, you must be right. When we’re above the cloud line in a plane this is indeed what we see. Almost no visual difference between that airplane view and your (excellent) picture. Still odd our minds accept it so readily though. I’m a reasonably frequent-flier, but I’m still surprised my subconscious mind has adapted and so easily “accepts” an otherwise “upside down”view. Food for thought indeed. Let’s get that master of light and perception James Turrell on the line, see what he says !

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