Sunday Links – Life, Time as a Dimension, & Why Photography

GlebeEvery week I save several websites, articles, blog posts, videos, etc. to Pocket for reading later, and I add inspiring content to Evernote for future reference. Each Sunday, I try to share content that is thought provoking, interesting, and inspiring. If you have any questions, thoughts, or content that you think I’d enjoy, leave a comment or email me.

The Entire Life Experience Caught on Film in Under 3 Minutes – I’m not sure how to describe how unusually awesome this is. I’ve watched it several times over the week.

Time is a Dimension

Watch Me Do Something Impossible In Three Totally Easy Steps

The Earth’s Seasonal Heartbeat as Seen from Space

Why Photography, Why do you take pictures? –  My favorite response… “To look, more severely.” –Shane Lavalette


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