Sunday Links – The End of August, Architectural Water Color, and Patriots

WagenerTerrace-2Every week I save several websites, articles, blog posts, videos, etc. to Pocket for reading later, and I add inspiring content to Evernote for future reference. Each Sunday, I try to share content that is thought provoking, interesting, and inspiring. If you have any questions, thoughts, or content that you think I’d enjoy, leave a comment or email me.

After a week off due to the Labor holiday, Sunday Links are back with a few more than usual.

End of August by Owen Perry – I’ve been a fan of Own Perry’s photography for a while. Really amazing work.

Dreamy Architectural Water Colors by Sunga Park

Lauren Lancaster: Patriots

The Tin Can Phone Project

Rinko Kawauchi “Ametsuchi”

Cinematic Trailer for MGMT’s new album

Drawings Made with Fingerprint Patterns by Nicolas Jolly

Complexity of Human Emotion Oil Paintings

Available Light: Harold Feinstein’s Coney Island at Night

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