Chicago in Black & White

Chicago-Black-and-White-November-2013-8Chicago-Black-and-White-November-2013-10Chicago-Black-and-White-November-2013-4Chicago-Black-and-White-November-2013-3Chicago-Black-and-White-November-2013-5Chicago-Black-and-White-November-2013-9Chicago-Black-and-White-November-2013-2Chicago-Black-and-White-November-2013-1Chicago-Black-and-White-November-2013-12Chicago-Black-and-White-November-2013-13Chicago was an amazing city, and there’s something majestic about it in black & white. I’ll had a great time up there last weekend. Happy Thanksgiving!




2 thoughts on “Chicago in Black & White

  1. The parking lot looks too dingy for me. Makes me feel sad. But the rest of it! WOW! I like how you played with the picture by taking it through the holes and making every hole, a separate composite! I like your perspective, you medium (grey-scale), and The Key-stoning of the buildings; I actually like to see them laying down! It’gives the viewer a different perspective, that’s for sure! And the ‘bubble city’ was just awesome! Excellent work! I want more! :O)

    • Thanks! You are the second person to say that about the parking lot. Thanks for the compliments, and there will definitely be more!

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