Chicago in Black & White

Chicago-Black-and-White-November-2013-8Chicago-Black-and-White-November-2013-10Chicago-Black-and-White-November-2013-4Chicago-Black-and-White-November-2013-3Chicago-Black-and-White-November-2013-5Chicago-Black-and-White-November-2013-9Chicago-Black-and-White-November-2013-2Chicago-Black-and-White-November-2013-1Chicago-Black-and-White-November-2013-12Chicago-Black-and-White-November-2013-13Chicago was an amazing city, and there’s something majestic about it in black & white. I’ll had a great time up there last weekend. Happy Thanksgiving!




First Boat Trip of the Summer


This past Thursday I was invited out on my first boating trip of the year. Temperatures have really gone up over the past week, and it was nice to get out on the water. It’s hard to believe it was in the 50’s and raining two weeks ago.


Cold Morning in Elliotborough

1st2ndSunday-10This morning was by far the coldest of the winter, and I decided to go walk around my neighborhood and capture it. Going without gloves was probably a mistake; I couldn’t feel my fingers by the time I made it back home. It doesn’t get or stay¬†extremely¬†cold in Charleston, so I really enjoy the times when the temperature dips.1st2ndSunday-11st2ndSunday-21st2ndSunday-31st2ndSunday-41st2ndSunday-51st2ndSunday-61st2ndSunday-71st2ndSunday-81st2ndSunday-91st2ndSunday-111st2ndSunday-12